Top guns in PUBG Mobile

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Choosing the right gun in PUBG Mobile is not a big issue for regular players. But this could be an issue and a matter of confusion if you are new to this battle royal game. PUBG Mobile is an online battle royal game where you can play and fight in battles with your friends using your phone. PUBG is not a difficult game to understand but also not an easy game. You have to keep a lot of things in mind while playing this game. In short, this is a game of strategy and IQ. To win this game, you must have knowledge about all the guns in PUBG Mobile.

There are different kinds of guns available in PUBG Mobile. Some are powerful and some are less powerful. Let’s see what are the top guns in PUBG Mobile.

Assault Rifles (AR):

1. M416

M416 is the most preferred and popular gun among the players. It has a huge fan base because of its high shoot accuracy, less recoil and the freedom to choose different attachments to use on it. You can use 3 types of magazines and muzzles. It supports up to 6x scope on it and 5.56mm Ammo. M416 is undoubtedly the best manageable gun in PUBG Mobile.

2. AKM

AKM is the best gun for dealing high damage. It has more power than the M416. But it still stands 2nd on this list. Because of its high recoil. The recoil of AKM is not easily manageable. But it could be managed by practicing a lot. If you manage to handle the recoil of AKM, this gun would be the best for you to rush on enemies. It also supports up to 6x scope and 7.62mm Ammo.

3. Groza

If you played PUBG many times before and had Groza in your hands, you are probably thinking why is it on the 3rd position in this list. It should be on the top of the list! Yeah, you are right but also not right. In terms of accuracy and rate of fire, Groza has the first place all the time but in terms of availability, it always has the last position to stand. Groza can only be found in Air drops and flare drops. If you get to loot an air drop, there is a chance that you can get a Groza. If you don’t loot an air drop, then you can’t get a Groza. Groza supports 7.62mm Ammo and up to 6x scope.

Sub Machine Gun (SMG)


UMP45 is the best SMG in PUBG Mobile till now. It has less recoil than other AR and SMG guns. It supports .45 ACP Ammo. It also supports up to 6x scope. All the SMG attachments can be attached to UMP45. It is the most popular gun among SMG users in PUBG Mobile.



DBS is the most powerful gun among all the shotguns. It is more popular because of its rate of fire and extended magazine. You can fire more Ammos at a time without reloading than any other Shotguns. This makes it more powerful and easy to use shotgun. It is also good in mid-range targets where the other shotguns can’t even shoot at mid-range targets except for S12K.


S12K is an old and legendary gun in PUBG Mobile. It was available before DBS was brought in this game. DBS might be better in some ways but some players still prefer S12K to DBS. S12K and DBS both support shotgun ammo. And can use up to 6x scope.



AWM is the deadliest weapon in PUBG Mobile. It can knock a player down with just one shot. It can easily break a Level 3 Helmet and Armor with one shot. AWM can only be found in Air drops. So, the availability of this sniper is not good. But once you loot an air drop and get an AWM, there is a huge chance that you’ll get Chicken as your dinner tonight. As all the snipers support 8x scope, it also does. The main drawback of this gun is its availability and shortage of ammo as it supports a different type of ammo which is only made for it. Other than that, it is a great gun.


Some of you might wonder why is there Kar98K in the list but not M24. It is because Kar98K deals more damage than the M24. M24 is a good sniper for the players who plays in a rush. But the players who hold their position and shoot from a safe and long distance always win with the Kar98K.

Light Machine Gun (LMG)


DP-28 is powerful LMG that deals the most damage. Dp-28 is popular for its damage and stability. It is a stable gun with 47 rounds of magazine. You can fire more bullets than any other guns in PUBG Mobile with a DP-28. But the biggest drawback of this LMG is its reloading speed. It takes 5.5 seconds to reload a full magazine. Other than that, there are no such drawbacks for this amazing LMG.

These are some guns that you can use on a regular basis and practice. If you get the expertise of using these guns, you’ll definitely give a tough fight to any opponent in the game.

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