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iOS 17, the latest trend in the Apple market! Many of you have the questions, “The new iOS 17 looks exactly the same as the previous versions. What are the changes Apple made this time?” Right? I also had this question on my mind until I started searching for the new features that Apple is offering to us on iOS 17. I got a few changes that make the new iOS 17 better and different from the previous series. If we are paying almost $300-$400 more for the iOS 17, we must have more expectations from this. Let’s see if it can fulfill our expectations.

1. Contact profile and Data sharing through NFC in iOS 17

We have seen Android phones with NFC in them, but never seen a phone using this NFC feature this well. Sharing contact profile, images, videos, links is nothing new. Well, sharing it by tapping two phones to each other is something new for sure. The iOS 17 lets you share your profile with all your social media links and other contact information only by tapping your phone to the other phone that you want to share your profile with. This data sharing is happening through AirDrop.

You can customize your profile any way you like and share it with your friends, family or anyone you want. You can share it only with someone who also has iOS 17. It only works on iOS 17. You’ll see a confirmation message where it asks for your permission to share or receive any file or link. You can decline it if you don’t want to share or receive.

2. Messaging Features:

You can now reply to a particular message by swiping the text just like we do in WhatsApp. Sharing Audio and Location on the messages app is enabled. iOS 17 users don’t have to download third party keyboards for emojis and stickers. You can find stickers on the keyboard now. The Auto suggestion feature is now available.

3. Check in Feature in iOS 17:

There is another feature added which is the Check in feature. If you are going somewhere and you want someone to know where you are going and if you’ve reached your destination or not, you can just send your destination location. It will track your live location and will tell the person how much more time you’d need to reach your destination. In case you don’t reach your destination on time, it will send you a notification to check if you are okey or not. If you don’t respond to that notification, it’ll send a notification to the person whom you sent the check in message. This is a very helpful feature in iOS 17 in terms of safety and security.

4. Contact History:

In the previous iOS versions, we couldn’t check our full contact history. After every 5 calls, the previous contact history gets deleted. This is a big drawback of the previous versions. But now you can see the full contact history. There are no limits. That means you can even see contact history of any day from any year.

5. Video Message on FaceTime:

If anyone doesn’t answer your FaceTime call, you can now send a video message on FaceTime. You’ll see the option to send a video message whenever someone doesn’t answer your call.

6. Stand-by Watch in iOS 17:

We can use our iPhones as stand-by watch in the era of iOS 17. Put your iPhone on charging and keep it in landscape mode. Then you can get a very premium looking table watch worth a thousand dollars. You can easily customize the style of the clock. When the room gets dark, it changes its color to Red. It helps the iPhone to save as much Battery life as possible.

7. Screen Distance Feature:

This feature tells us that Apple really cares for your eyes. Screen distance is a feature you can find in the settings which can help you and your kids to protect your eyes from using phones for a long time. When the screen distance feature is enabled, your iPhone tracks the distance between the phone and your eyes. So, when you get your phone very close to your eyes for a specific time, it warns you to keep your phone further from your eyes. It requires a 12cm distance from the phone to use it properly. You cannot use the phone without moving it further as the warning pop-up wouldn’t go until the phone tracks a 12cm distance from your eyes. This is a good feature for kids as they watch cartoons and movies without maintaining any safe distance.

8. Changes in Safari:

The interface and user experience has been changed in Safari. You can open multiple tabs and the best change that has been made in Safari is, now you can set face lock on private tabs. So, when someone tries to take a look on your private tab, they can see nothing.

9. OTP messages get cleaned automatically:

When we change the password of any of our accounts, we get a One Time Password. Which is also known as the OTP code. We use this code to verify ourselves while changing any password. And this OTP code stays in our message storage. We have to clean it manually to get rid of this message. But now in iOS 17, the OTP messages will get deleted automatically after we use the code. That’s a good feature to save Messaging storage.

10. New HEIF MAX RAW mode in Camera:

The new HEIF MAX RAW mode can take photos in 48 megapixels but it requires less storage than the regular RAW mode 48 megapixels.

11. SharePlay in iOS 17:

SharePlay allows 2 iPhone users to get access to a playlist. For example: if you are playing songs in apple play on a speaker. And your friends want to play another song that they like. But you couldn’t find that song. You can easily share your playlist with your friend by SharePlay. With SharePlay, your friend gets access to your playlist and plays any song he wants from his iPhone without touching your iPhone.

12. Personal Voice:

This feature allows you to generate your own voice. Once you generate your voice, if you write something, you can hear that in your own voice.

So, these are some features that the new iOS 17 has. All these features make the user experience in iOS 17 better. Some of the features are not very useful to everyone but some individuals can really get help from the features. Apple is trying their best to enhance their user experience with every single update they bring. And this makes Apple more premium and value for money.

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